In order to achieve a mobility transition, the level of governance of mobility must not be ignored, i.e. the interaction and decision-making between stakeholders under moderation and guidance by politics and administration. Governance research deals not only with the behavior of individual and institutional actors, but also with the co-ordination of various actors with very different traits, such as ministries, agencies, infrastructure operators, public and private transport companies and research organizations.

Of particular importance here are results from administrative research dealing with the different forms of coordination in the administrative context. Interesting in this context are the conditions that are necessary for the success of governance, such as incentive systems, objectives and processes.
The aim is to develop proposals for action for the governance of transformation processes, which support a person mobility transition with regard to influencing mobility patterns.

Our tasks

  • Systemic analysis of the requirements of governance processes in the transport sector: identification of cooperation and coordination requirements, of patterns, incentives and barriers,
  • Development of proposals for action for the governance of transformation processes as input for the project’s stakeholder process.