A tipping point is a point in time at which a previous trend abruptly stops, changes direction or is greatly accelerated. In sociology, the term also describes the time when a group of people changes their behavior quickly and radically. The desired turnaround in mobility represents a tipping point as the current trend towards increasing motorization and CO2 emissions should be reversed by a change in mobility behavior.

Based on overarching transport policy objectives and climate targets, we investigate the way in which structural barriers suppress or delay opportunities for increased diffusion of goal-oriented measures to reverse trends.

Our tasks

  • Network and process analysis in the transport sector, analysis of prototypical planning and decision-making processes in the transport system
  • Analysis of national and international best practice processes at different levels (federal, state, municipal) in which the potentials within different decision typologies are mapped
  • Investigating the effectiveness for initialization and successful implementation of so-called tipping point or transition processes